Week 29 2013 : Results

Well I am well and truly stuck in a rut – my weight has not changed again.  I am surprised as I know I’ve eaten less this week due to the hot weather.  I have had an ice cream or lolly most days though – mainly due to the fact that I feel the need for something cold.  This doesn’t feel like it’s that bad but maybe I’m fooling myself?

I found this article on slim-line ice lollies interesting.  I don’t really think that there is anything in the article that was a real surprise but it is such a shame that Cornettos and Magnums contain so much sugar and fat 😦

I got to thinking about what treats would be good in the hot weather and I found this article on healthy treats to beat the heat.  Some of them sound interesting and I’m very keen to try the strawberry and rhubarb popsicles as I would imagine they would be very refreshing. Not sure about the Cottage Cheese “Ice Cream” though!  Maybe if the warm weather stays I can give it a go and report back.

Until next week, keep cool and stay hydrated 😉


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